As a winner in ZDMP Open Call 2 (EU funded project under Grant Agreement 825631, Ainak has started an exciting project z_AR_FactoryPlanner that leverages augmented reality to allow lean managers, industrial engineers and factory planning consultants react to changing customer demand by fast re-engineering of the factory. We are developing a Zero Defect Factory Layout Planner that will allow manufacturers to adapt quicker w.r.t. market changes with rapid prototyping of factory layouts. This leads to better transparency in the production and less defects. The project is led by Ainak who has built innovative technologies leveraging augmented reality in factory planning and the work is complemented by PTW from the Institute for Production Management, Technology and Machine Tools (Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany) with the great experience in the production of the future and factory planning specifically with its EU wide partners with VR learning factories. The results will aim becoming a commercial product in ZDMP Marketplace.

The envisioned zero defect factory planner brings to the ZDMP ecosystem, an innovative completely new way of quick modelling, analysing and validating factory layouts and processes. It will greatly increase the productivity of the manufacturing companies and with its visual capabilities bring transparency to the manufacturing processes. This way it will also improve quality as well as improve communication across multiple stakeholders in the manufacturing value chain to promote the zero defect manufacturing and efficient collaboration between manufacturing partners. For Ainak, there is a great business opportunity to get closer to the vision of a zero defect factory layout planner and serve much larger pool of manufacturing companies via the ZDMP Marketplace.

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This video link gives you a glimpse of Ainak technologies and more will follow later this year!

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