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Ainak AR

Your product shall come to life on-site by Ainak AR application, reduce site visits and make deals quicker. We visualise your product using superpowers of mixed reality. Whether you are selling large machines or luxury furniture, we help you create powerful and interactive experiences with your client via augmented reality. Now your customers can see how your products fit and also which product shall look better in their space.

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Why Ainak ? 


Our patent-pending technology makes Augmented Reality, a natural and intuitive experience so that its super easy to use and then gives you superpowers by providing you with intelligent features. We support Android and iOS devices and various CAD formats.

Key Features

Quicker Sales
For customers, its a treat to watch through mobile lenses, product being placed in their spaces even before they buy it. Moreover its super easy to suggest changes in the layout while they see all of this in action.
Reality Capture
No more inch-tapes, photos or long sales pitching. Our revolutionising Augmented Reality platform lets you quickly create installation layouts in real life size and make mixed reality captures.
No Coding Required
And no software training is needed at all. Just install our application on your AR supported phone / device and a guided in-app tutorial shall take you through all the features of the application.
Save Money
Make easy sales by giving the wow effect to your customers. Use this sales tool and make convincing and competitive bids. Eliminate customer visits by letting your customer see your product by our app.
Installation Planning
Layout planning is now easier than ever. Get the site measurement data, customer approved layouts in minutes. Whether the site visit is done by you, sales engineer or your customer itself, installation planning is easier than ever.
Supported Devices

iOS: iPhone 6S onwards

Android: 300+ Supported devices

Tablets: iPad Air 3rd Gen, iPad mini, iPad Pro (1st, 2nd & 3rd Gen), iPad (5th & 6th Gen) & Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, S4, S5E

3D CAD Formats
We support multiple CAD formats including fbx, dae, stl, obj etc. Our recommended format is fbx. For enterprise customers, we have extended support for stp, gltf, wrl, ifc and many other formats.
Extended Support
We also provide onsite training and remote support via team viewer. In case you have any problems using our app, we can remotely help to use your app real-time.

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Pricing Plans


0/ mo

  • Single user
  • Standard Ainak Library

99/ mo

  • Single user
  • Unlimited Products
  • 1 admin user
  • Email support

999/ mo

  • 10+ users
  • Unlimited Products
  • 5 admin users
  • Realtime support + Onsite training
  • €70/ extra user / mo

Ainak AR – Plug N Play

See the app in action, a video shot through a smartphone showing it all.

“After using and thorough testing of 2 days, all I can say is, this app is simply awesome, and above standards of other AR applications. Try it and you’ll love it!”

Robert - Global Head of Sales, Large Motors, ABB

It was freaking good ! Their application on Microsoft Hololens performed surprisingly well in the testing conditions of the biggest power plant in Finland

Miko - Head of Nuclear Services, Fortum

Ainak has set the benchmarks for the AR world. Disrupting renovation in the manufacturing and construction environments. We look forward to their public launch.

Lauri - Director, Micro Aided Design Oy

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